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Women Development Cell (WDC)

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Don’t Worry Be Happy

WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CELL & INTERNAL COMPLAINT COMMITTEE with Konnect Women Empowerment Circle (KWEC) , organized an Interactive Session on Stress management called Don’t Worry Be Happy  for the students, teaching, administrative  and non-teaching   staff of Gujarat University on Tuesday, 28th August 2018 at the  Senate Hall. The programme was inaugurated by Honourable Smt. Bijalben Patel, Honourable Mayor, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The day started with Registration. The guests on the dais were introduced by Dr. Kamyani Mathur, Professor & Head, Department of Psychology. Mrs. Jalpa Joshipura, President-Konnect, and Mrs. Nayika Agarwal, Founder – Konnect,   were on the dais with WDC-Chairperson, Dr. Savita Gandhi and ICC-Chairperson, Dr. Rajshri Bhatt. Honourable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Himanshu Pandya welcomed Smt. Bijalben Patel with a memento. Mrs. Jalpa Joshipura & Mrs. Nayika Agarwal welcomed Smt. Bijalben Patel and Pandya Sir with gifts. Prof. Rajshri Bhatt formally welcomed the guests. Dr. Savita Gandhi justified the theme of the session. Smt. Bijalben Patel reflected upon the changing lifestyles and environment that generates stress. She was happy that such event was organized at Gujarat University to generate awareness and address the overall wellbeing of all. As Mayor, she also gave an overview of what was her priority like traffic and parking facilities and what she envisaged in future. Dr. Himanshu Pandya expressed the need to develop self-respect as well as respect for all for harmonious co-existence. He emphasized on the need to develop pride for our own Ahmedabad city as a Heritage City and join hands to enhance its glory. The speakers, Dr. Darshana Thakkar and Dr. Dhiren Ganjwala, both Medical doctors by Profession but excellent Motivational speakers were welcomed warmly. They gave a truly interactive presentation and conveyed very effectively the significance of positive attitude, expectations and time management in handling day to day situations. The participants enjoyed the session thoroughly and interacted with speakers to clarify their views.


Mrs. Nayika Agrawal from Konnect gave a quick overview of Konnect. The students from Department of Psychology demonstrated very effective management skills not only in Arrangements and Registration but also anchoring the event under the able guidance of Dr. Kamyani Mathur. The event attracted a lot of media attention as well. All participants received a certificate of participation. 

Contact:  Dr. Savita Gandhi 079 – 26300877 / Dr. Archana Mankad 079 – 26302578 | e-mail: wdc@gujaratuniversity.ac.in