Women Development Cell (WDC) &

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Women Development Cell (WDC)

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Awareness program on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CELL & INTERNAL COMPLAINT COMMITTEE with Stree Chetana, organized an awareness programme on Sexual Harassment at Workplace  for the teaching, administrative  and non-teaching women staff from colleges and Post Graduate Departments of Gujarat University on Saturday, 7th July 2018 at the  Senate Hall. The programme was inaugurated by Hon. Smt. Vibhavariben Dave, Minister, Women & Child Development, Education (Primary and Higher Education) & Pilgrimage. The day started with Registration and hot mouth watering dalwadas as breakfast. The guests on the dais were introduced by Dr. Hetal Pandya, Department of Sanskrit. Dr. Gita Patel, President-Stree Chetana, and Smt. Shailaja Andhare, Secretary-Stree Chetana, were on the dais with WDC-Chairperson, Dr. Savita Gandhi and ICC-Chairperson, Dr. Rajshri Bhatt. Honourable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Himanshu Pandya welcomed Vibhavariben with a memento. Shailajaben and Gitaben welcomed Pandya Sir with a memento. Dr. Savita Gandhi gave a quick overview of the activities of WDC throughout the year. Smt. Vibhavariben delivered an energizing speech conveying the significance of woman in instilling values within a family. She highlighted the ethos of Joint Family that was a pillar of strength not only for the families but for the society at large. Dynamism should not eradicate our roots and growth should not erode our values. Illustrating her experiences, Vibhavariben was able to impress upon the participants the need to stand tall without being rude, to assert without being arrogant and participate without being told to and pave the way to harmonious living. Dr. Himanshu Pandya expressed anguish that it is ironical that such programmes are being envisaged and justified as need of the hour. He strongly suggested that problems arise because of wrong comparisons of a woman with a man. A woman, if at all, can be compared to another woman. He emphasized on respecting  one another for peaceful working environment. Smt. Shailaja Andhare appraised all with Stree Chetana and its activities.  Dr. Archana Mankad  delivered the formal Vote of Thanks. Mrs. Nipaben Shukla from Stree Chetana anchored the programme very gracefully. Dr. Divya Mishra from Department of Chemistry, Dr. Ankita from K S School of Business Management, Dr. Sangita from Department of Sociology and Dr. Priti from Human Resource Development Center, alongwith their team of volunteers excellently managed the registrations and all arrangements.

Adv. Smt Meghaben Chitalia generated awareness on the topic with her presentation. Smt. Krishanben joined Meghaben in the question hour. The participants were given blank sheets of paper to send questions to the resource persons. It was a very useful session for all the participants. Dr. Rajshri Bhatt summarized the event and expressed hope that the women would be safe in their respective workplaces. All enjoyed hot sumptuous lunch and captured the memorable moments in group Photographs.

Contact:  Dr. Savita Gandhi 079 – 26300877 / Dr. Archana Mankad 079 – 26302578 | e-mail: wdc@gujaratuniversity.ac.in