Women Development Cell (WDC) &

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Women Development Cell (WDC)

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)


  • To ensure implementation of these Regulations in the University and colleges and other constituents to which they are applicable.
  • To ensure and supervise the proper constitution and functioning of the Collegiate Women’s Development Committee (CWDC) set up in the colleges and  recognized institutions.
  • To organize regular workshops and training programmes for members of the staff, students of the University and colleges in the colleges and recognized institutions.
  • To process individual grievances concerning any kind of harassment including sexual harassment in the Gujarat University Office and Departments and to take suitable action in the manner and mode particularly provided hereafter.
  • To formulate programmes for the spread of awareness of these regulations among the Managements of colleges and recognized institutions, employees and the students.
  • To bring out publications in Indian languages and English language concerning harassment and also concerning the implementation of these regulations.
  • To hold annual programmes, seminars, workshops and meetings regarding Women’s Development and any kind of Harassment, to propagate against sexual   harassment amongst Managements, students and employees of the colleges and recognized institutions and for that purpose to invite experts or resource persons.
  • To set up pools; one each for NGOs and Women’s Associations working within the geographical area of the University for carrying out the purposes of these regulations.
  • To act as the Appellate Authority in respect of the decisions taken by the CWDC in affiliated colleges and recognized institutions.
  • To exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on it by or under these regulations.
  • To do all such activities and things as may be necessary to carry out the objectives of these regulations.
  • The Cell shall constitute one or more Committees for implementation of women’s policy in general and for dealing with the cases/ complaints of any kind relating to sexual harassment.

           STATUS OF THE CELL : For all the purposes, the Cell shall be  treated  as one of the  departments of the  Gujarat University.

Contact:  Dr. Savita Gandhi 079 – 26300877 / Dr. Archana Mankad 079 – 26302578 | e-mail: wdc.icc.gu@gmail.com