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 Healthy women, Happy Home

WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CELL & INTERNAL COMPLAINT COMMITTEE had organized a workshop and Interactive Session on “Healthy woman, Happy Home” for the students, teaching, administrative and non-teaching   staff of Gujarat University on Wednesday, 14th August, 2019 at the Seminar Hall of Zoology Department, Gujarat University. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. R.J. Verma, Director School of Sciences, Professor and Head Zoology department, Gujarat University.  He appreciated the efforts and initiatives taken by WDC and ICC towards women empowerment. Dr. Savita Gandhi (Chairperson WDC and ICC) welcomed the esteemed dignitaries and gave a brief introduction of the workshop. Dr. Mukesh Bavishi, renowned Gynec Surgeon, Fertility Specialist and Gynec Cancer Surgeon conducted the workshop. He disseminated his knowledge about women health and also got us familiar with the new and emerging technology for curing many fatal diseases.

Being man or a woman has a significant impact on health, as a result of both biological and gender related differences. The health of a woman is of particular concern. Unequal power relationship between men and women, social norms that decrease education and paid employment opportunities, exclusive focus on women’s reproductive roles are some of the sociocultural factors that prevent women and girls to benefit from quality  health services and attaining best possible level of health. Dr. Bavishi discussed about problems like irregular menstruation, breast cancer, cervical cancer, PCOD and Endometriosis. He also introduced to us about a new way of taking medicine other than capsules, tablets and injections. He announced his initiative for spreading information about Pap test by conducting it free of cost. He also discussed about some of his patients who had severe health problems and mentioned a particular instance where he encouraged one of his patient to take decision on her own about her surgery. He discussed the importance of self breast examination and also gave instructions about how and when to perform it. In addition to this, he also pointed out the mistakes which most women commit during the process. The speaker asked multiple questions to the audience and distributed chocolates for every correct answer.


The session was followed by an interactive question answer session, where the audience could resolve many of their doubts. The session was concluded by vote of thanks by Dr. Archna Mankad. A token of appreciation and a certificate was presented to the speaker by Dr. Savita Gandhi. Ms. Maitri Jhaveri anchored the whole programme very gracefully as Master of Ceremonies. All participants received a certificate of participation.

Contact:  Dr. Savita Gandhi 079 – 26300877 / Dr. Archana Mankad 079 – 26302578 | e-mail: wdc.icc.gu@gmail.com