Women Development Cell (WDC)

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Depress Depression

Women Development Cell and Internal Complaint Committee, Gujarat University organized a workshop on DEPRESS DEPRESSION on Saturday, 18th January 2020.The focus was on suicide prevention which is fairly common due to depression. Prof Savita Gandhi, Chairperson WDC and ICC welcomed the guests and explained the need for such a workshop. Prof Dr. Himanshu Pandya, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Gujarat University emphasized on being happy by respecting one’s own self and respecting others. Dr Arti Oza from St.Xavier’s college delivered a very good lecture highlighting on the need to remain postive and shun negativity to ward off depression. Shri Praveen Valera from Jivan Astha and Ms.Nishmin Marshall from Saath helpline shared their perspectives. Dr. Sandip Siddhpara, Psychologist provided a hands on exercise to the participants and conveyed effectively ways to perceive suicidal tendencies and provide timely help. Dr. Savita Gandhi talked about the topics on which WDC has held workshops and seminars. They included issues related to physical health, mental health and societal pressure. The welcome address was followed by the blessings from the VC Sir, Dr. Himanshu Pandya. He talked about focusing on subject and gaining its thorough knowledge. He advised students to be not influenced by the society and social media networks. He emphasized on striving for blissfulness. To begin with the session, Dr. Arti Oza distributed a questionaaire to all the participants. There were 20 questions in total. The questions were related to the emotions exhibited in different situations of life. Dr. Archana Mankad, Member Secretary-WDC and ICC delivered the formal vote of thanks. All participants received a certificate of participation.




Contact:  Dr. Savita Gandhi 079 – 26300877 / Dr. Archana Mankad 079 – 26302578 | e-mail: wdc.icc.gu@gmail.com