Women Development Cell (WDC) &

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Women Development Cell (WDC)

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Celebrating Life 


WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CELL & INTERNAL COMPLAINT COMMITTEE had organized a workshop and Interactive Session on “Celebrating Life” for the students, teaching, administrative and non-teaching   staff of Gujarat University on Monday, 23rd December, 2019 at the Seminar Hall of Botany Department, Gujarat University. A quick Inaugural ceremony involved welcome address by Chairperson WDC-ICC, Prof.Savita Gandhi. Shri Bhagyesh Jha was the Invited Speaker for the workshop. Dr.Jagdish Bhavsar, Honourable Pro Vice Chancellor inaugurated the session and shared his words of wisdom. Bhagyeshbhai energised the participants with his session on Life is a Celebration reflecting on his life experiences and Bhagwat Geeta in a very humorous way. He defined PREM P for positivity, R for response, E for emptying the mind of prejudices thus adding energy to development and M for motivation. Conveying in a very subtle way values in life upholding gujarati culture, Bhagyeshbhai left participants asking for more. Member Secretary, Dr. Archana Mankad delivered the formal vote of thanks. Mr. Shambhu Vyas anchored the programme very gracefully.

Contact:  Dr. Savita Gandhi 079 – 26300877 / Dr. Archana Mankad 079 – 26302578 | e-mail: wdc.icc.gu@gmail.com